1. The organiser

Design Luxembourg asbl (RC: F 3162) is the organiser of the Luxembourg Design Awards 2019.

2. The members of the selection board (hereinafter ‘jury’)

2.1 Selection of the jury:

The jury is composed of international experts, from different design trades, all recognised in their respective fields.

2.2 President of the jury:

He is designated from among the jury on the day of deliberation, and his duty is to ensure that the deliberations are carried out properly.

2.3 Admission review of bids during the jury's deliberation day:

The jury shall examine the conformity of the bids submitted. It may, if appropriate, assign a submission to a category other than that for which the submission was originally introduced. The non-compliant submissions will be automatically eliminated.

2.4 Replacement:

In case of unavailability of one of the members of the jury, the Board of Directors of Design Luxembourg asbl will appoint a replacement.

Any change in the composition of the members of the jury will be announced on the Internet site of the L.D.A.

3. Judgment Criteria

The quality of the design: level of excellence of design including the use of the images, the typography etc.
Creativity: originality and artistic qualities
The relevance: evidence of the relevance of the creation with regard to its destination
Innovation, sustainability

4. Award and Catalogue

4.1 There are two award levels: Gold and Silver

4.2 In each category a Gold will be given only if the jury regards the work as being at a very high level. In very rare cases, a maximum of two Golds will be awarded in the same category.

4.3 The Gold and Silver winners will receive a trophy during the awards ceremony.

4.4 The jury can award a “special jury prize” for each category.

4.5 All Gold and Silver winners will be published in the catalogue of the Luxembourg Design Awards and on the Internet site of the L.D.A.

4.6 All participants will receive as many copies of the catalogue of the L.D.A. as the number of entries submitted.

5. The submissions

5.1 The submission rules are published, either before or at the latest during the opening of the registrations. For a bid to be admissible, the participation fee must be paid before the closing of the entry submission period (cf. the title 'Dates for receipt of entries'), and the works that the entries are submitted for must be physically handed over to the headquarters of Design Luxembourg asbl before 30/04/2019.

Design Luxembourg
Casino Luxembourg- Forum d'Art Contemporain
41, rue Notre-Dame,
L-2240 Luxembourg

The organiser reserves the right to extend the entry submission closing period. Any extension of the said duration will be announced on the Internet site of the L.D.A.

The form for the submission of entries is available online on the Internet site The form may be completed in English or in French.

All correspondence (including works and documents) addressed physically to the organiser must always bear the reference number ID on the confirmation email for the online submission.

5.2 All works created during 2017 and 2018 are eligible.

5.3 Return of works:

The works and documents filed will not be returned to the participant.

5.4 Right of Reproduction:

The works and documents filed cannot be submitted without the agreement of their legal owner.

5.5 The organiser reserves the right to publish the works and documents filed, in the catalogue, on the official Internet site as well as in all the promotional and presentation materials of the Luxembourg Design Awards. The name and/or the name of the designer will always be mentioned. The organiser also reserves the right to record, film, photograph and publish any content in relation to the awards ceremony.

5.6 Payment of the participation fee:

The payment of the participation fee will be by bank transfer to the account of the organiser, namely IBAN LU88 0019 3855 6693 7000 (BCEELULL).

5.7 Shipping fees:

The costs of sending works related to the bids submitted are the responsibility of the participant.

5.8 Costs In the case of withdrawal:

The participant may withdraw at any time by announcing this in an email sent to the address indicating the number of the reference ID of its online entry.

If the withdrawal occurs before the closing of the bids, the participation costs will be fully reimbursed. Beyond this period, 15% of the participation fee will be retained to cover the administrative costs.

5.9 Acceptance of the rules:

Any entry submission implies acceptance of these rules.

6. Exclusion from participation

The Jury and members of their family are excluded from participation.


Dates for receipt of entries

Opening of registrations: 18 February 2019
Closing of submissions: April 26, 2019
Deliberation of the members of the jury: 6-7 May 2019

Participation fee

For members of Design Luxembourg

Every member has two free submissions
€0 for the first 2 submission
€150 per submission (3rd - 4th submission)
€125 per submission (beyond 5th submission)

For non-members

€180 per submission (1st- 3rd submission)
€150 per submission (beyond the 4th submission)

-20% on any submission sent before 15 March 2019 and which complies with the procedures.

For the "Junior Talent" (students)

One free submission
€120 per additional submission

Summary of the terms and conditions for entries